Garment Care Guide

Mulberry silk is a very delicate and luxurious fabric which requires careful and special handling.


We strongly recommend washing all SILK MADAME products by hand in room temperature water with mild/gentle detergent, as the harsh machine washing process (twisting and spinning) might result in damage and impact the appearance of the fabric.

In the event where machine wash is unavoidable, wash on delicate cycle with no more than half-full washing load. Always use a mesh bag for additional protection. Do not mix colours as silk fabric might bleed colour.


- DO NOT bleach, tumble dry, spin, or wring

- DO NOT wash at high temperatures (more than 30°C)

- AVOID exposing garment to direct sunlight to preserve the maximum quality and shine

- AVOID ironing silk directly at high temperatures as it might burn the fabric or affect the lustre and shape.

- Always steam silk fabric if possible as it is a much gentler and preferred handling for silk fabric. If ironing directly, ensure that the lowest heat setting for silk / delicate materials is selected.

- In the event of stains and spills, ensure to treat them immediately before they stain your garment. Rinse with cold water and gently rub the stain from the inside with mild laundry detergent or soap where necessary.